Gullo Law Office John P. Gullo II, Attorney at Law
Gullo Law Office John P. Gullo II, Attorney at Law
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Powerful Criminal Defense When Your Future Is On the Line

Felonies • Misdemeanors • DUI/DWI • Traffic Violations

Few things are more frightening than being arrested for DUI, a drug offense, or another crime. Many worrisome thoughts run through your head — Am I going to jail? Will I lose my driver's license? Will I have a criminal record?

These questions need answers from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, waiting to speak with an attorney may be a grave mistake. Your rights are at stake. Your freedom may be on the line.

Fredonia, New York attorney John P. Gullo II is a former Assistant District Attorney with the Chautauqua County District Attorney's Office. With nearly 20 years of experience, he is thoroughly prepared to stand by your side and protect your rights, working to limit the impact these charges may have on your future.

The longer you wait to call an attorney, the fewer options you may have for your defense. Contact Gullo Law Office by calling 716-679-0100 to schedule an appointment.

We provide aggressive, experienced criminal defense in a wide variety of felony and misdemeanor cases for clients throughout Western New York.

Drunk-Driving Defense

No one plans on getting a DUI/DWI. One drink too many can cloud your judgment, making you think that driving home is still a safe option. Unfortunately, a small mistake could cost you for years to come. A DUI or DWI conviction could mean hefty fines, a suspended license, and incarceration.

At Gullo Law Office, we have the experience, knowledge and skill to pursue every legal avenue to defend you against drunk-driving charges. We will thoroughly investigate your case, questioning the probable cause for the stop, breath or blood tests, and arrest procedures. Our goal is to help you move forward from this situation as quickly and with as little damage to your life as possible.

Drug Crimes Defense

The consequences of a drug conviction can be extremely harsh. Far beyond time in jail or a fine, a drug conviction on your criminal record can make you ineligible for federal financial aid . It can also bar you from certain types of employment, limit your housing options, and even impact your right to visitation with your children.

Gullo Law Office is committed to your defense. Whether you are charged with drug possession or possession with the intent to sell, we will vigorously safeguard your interests. For effective, personalized defense in your criminal case, contact us by e-mail or by calling (716) 679-0100.

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